Flipped Classroom: Driverless Cars

To prepare for your HCC In Service experience on January 7, 2016, please review the following material.


  • Add a slide about yourself to our workshop presentation roster.
  • Introductions and presentation overview provided by Tina Majchrzak.  Exploring the flipped classroom.
  • Background and skills overview provided by Marilyn Carrasquillo.
  • Create the 10 slides described in Future Cars and PowerPoint Skills.  If you finish early, choose one of the following options.
    • Act as class assistant. (You earn a prize!  For students, this could be bonus points.)
    • Create a Prezi (Requires signing up for an account.  Use 10-minute mail, if you just want to try Prezi.)
    • Play with a robot.
    • Work on something of your choosing.
  • What did you learn?


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