EME 2040


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How do I do discussion 1?

To post your responses, do the following.

  • Click Module 1.
  • Click #2: Discussion Board #1 – Legal and Ethical Issues.
  • Click Discussion Board #1 – Legal and Ethical Issues.
  • You will respond only to the questions indicated by the first letter of your last name.  For example, if your last name begins with A-D, then you will respond to the questions on copyright.
  • Click the Reply button.
  • Enter your post in the dialog box.  (I recommend writing your post in Word first, checking spelling and grammar, and then copying and pasting your text into the dialog box in Blackboard.)
  • Click the Submit button.
  • During the discussion period, you should reply to posts by at least two fellow classmates as well.  You can reply to posts on any of the topics for this discussion.
  • See the syllabus for specific details on how this assignment will be graded.  For example, to earn full points, you must post on at least three different days.



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