CGS 1000


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In addition to the Internet, what are some other kinds of networks?

Two other kinds of networks are intranets and extranets.

I can’t find the answer to the study guide question about NOS.

In Networking and Communication from the CGS1000 eText, under the Network Operating Systems section of the document, there are links to required readings, including links to network operating systems for Windows, Linux, Unix, and Mac.  You don’t have to know the name of any specific ones for the exam, but you should be aware of the fact that a network operating system has additional duties.  In addition to normal functions like managing the movement of a mouse, network operating systems have to manage things like requests for shared resources (e.g. printers, files, etc.).

Above and Beyond

I want to make my own template in Excel.  How can I do that?

It actually is quite easy to make your own template.  You just set up a Workbook to your liking, then save it as a
template.  When you create a new Workbook, simply select your template.  For more details, check out this Web site.

I want to do a screen capture with audio on a Mac.  How can I do that?

You can use QuickTime on a Mac to capture the screen and audio at the same time.
  • Open QuickTime.
  • Click File and choose New Screen Recording.
  • On the dialog box which pops up, click the arrow that points downward on the center, right.
  • Choose Built-in Microphone: Internal microphone.
  • Click the record button (red circle in white circle).
  • Select what you want to record.
  • Click Start Recording.
  • Click the stop recording button (black square in white circle).
  • Click Share and choose a place to share, or click File and choose an Export method.
Module 14

When I add the background image to my slide, it’s hard to read my text.  Is there anything I can do about that?

Yes, you can set the fill behind the text.

BadPPT BetterPPT

I heard I can convert my Excel data into an Access table.  How do I do that?

After you have created your tabular data in Excel, it is fairly simple to import just the data and column headings directly into Access.  Be sure to remove titles, subtitles, totals, etc. first.  Watch this video to see how to do this.  (Needs updated for Access 2013.)

I am worried about the Access portion of the final project.  Can you give me any advice?

You have to create four files for submission to the final project drop box — a Word document, a PowerPoint presentation, an Excel spreadsheet, and an Access database.  I suggest you begin with the applications with which you are most comfortable.  If you are more comfortable with Excel, then create your spreadsheet before you create your database.  Both Excel and Access store information in tables.  (Excel is handy for doing sophisticated calculations, while Access is great for managing large amounts of related data with forms and creating queries and reports.)  After you have created your table in Excel, it is fairly simple to import that table directly into Access.  Watch this video to see how to do this.  (Needs updated for Access 2013.)
Module 7 ~ Excel Chapter 1

I am not sure what they mean by fill handle.

It is demonstrated in SNAP Excel tutorial 1.2 Entering Data in Cells and Saving a Workbook with a New Name.  This video also shows how to use it.

I missed a lot of questions, and I don’t know why.

Many of the questions include a request to copy cells using the fill handle.  In one of the tutorials, it shows an alternative way to copy cells using copy and paste.  For the performance evaluation, use the fill handle method illustrated in this video.

PowerPoint Modules

I keep missing the question about setting the time between each slide to 2 seconds.

Make sure all of the slides are selected first.  Click the first slide, then hold the shift key and click the last slide.  Also, make sure you adjust the slide duration rather than the duration of a sound.

I am having difficulty creating the 7 inch textbox.

Before creating the textbox, turn on the rulers as follows.
  • Click View.
  • Select the Ruler checkbox in the Show area of the ribbon.
When you create the textbox, try making it 7 inches at the same time.  Don’t click to create it and then change its size.  Instead, click near the left side of the slide, note where you are according to the horizontal (top) ruler, hold and drag for about 7 inches.  Then let go.

I am having difficulty with the center tabs.

Here is one way to create the tabs.

  • Click Home.
  • In the Paragraph section of the ribbon, click the icon in the bottom right corner which looks like a square with an arrow pointing down and to the right.
  • In the dialog box which appears, click Tabs… in the bottom left corner.
  • Type 4 for the tab stop position (not the default tab).
  • Select the Center alignment.
  • Click Set.
  • Create your 6 inch tab stop in similar fashion.

I cannot find the beginning action button.

Here is how to get the beginning action button.
  • Click Insert.
  • Click Shapes in the Illustrations group.
  • At the bottom of the menu, you will find the Action buttons.
  • Hover until you find the Beginning action button.

I keep missing the question where I have to format a heading so that it has small caps.

It looks like you are selecting lowercase rather than small caps.  On the Home tab in the Font section of the ribbon, click the small square on the bottom right.  Then select Small Caps.

I think I am applying the Format Painter correctly, but I keep getting the question wrong.

For the format painter, you need to highlight any headings which are comprised of more than one word, so that the formatting is applied to all words at the same time, and more importantly, to the spaces in between the words.  In other words, rather than click on each word separately (applying formatting to each of them one by one) click to the left of the first word, hold, drag to the end of the last word, then let go.

I keep getting the spell check question wrong, but I think I’m doing it right.

You need to read what the spell checker is asking you very carefully.  For example, at one point there is a duplicate word which needs to be deleted.  At another point, you have to select a different word than the default one the spell checker suggests.

What do they mean when they ask that a slide be made active?

They just want you to click on it and make it the current slide being viewed.

Module 3 ~ Word Section 3

For the clip art image, it’s not showing the picture tool format tab and the options for it.

The picture tools format tab only shows up after you single click the image.


I keep missing the question on deleting the page break.

After you display the nonprinting characters and locate the page break, single click it, then delete it.  If you double click it, you may grab an extra return and accidentally delete that return as well.
Module 2 ~ Word Section 2

In question 4D on the hardware assignment, it asks about the graphics card, but the video doesn’t talk about this card. It talks about 4 other cards.

The video card and graphics card are the same thing.

I keep missing the question on applying the Fill – Red, Accent 2, Outline – Accent 2 text effect to the title Explorer Channel.

For that question, notice the key words text effect.  Many students are adjusting the text color, etc.  instead of setting the text effect.  On the Home tab, in the Font section, try hovering your mouse over the A outlined in blue.  What does the pop up text say?

I keep missing the question where I am supposed set the line spacing to single for the entire document.

In that question on the skill exam, you are asked to select the entire document.  To make sure you are not missing any white space like space, tab, or return, use Ctrl-A to select the entire document.

I keep missing the question with the copyright (c) symbol.

For that question, you are asked to go to the bottom of the page.  Some students are clicking right after the last word on the page.  Click a few lines lower than that to make sure you are as far down in the document as possible.

I keep getting the question on paragraph shading wrong.

Be sure you are on the Home tab and that you click the paint bucket in the Paragraph section.  Do not click on any of the icons in the Font section to change the settings for the paragraph.

I am sure I did the prior question on formatting correctly, but I keep missing the question on applying the format painter.

Be sure that when you apply the format to a heading with more than one word that you highlight all of the heading at one time by clicking to the left of the first word and holding until you reach the end of the last word.  If you apply the formatting to each word in the heading one at a time, it does not get applied to the space in between the words.

I used the format painter like you showed us in class, but I am getting it marked wrong.

You mentioned that you missed the prior question on formatting.  That means that you will get the question where you have to apply the format painter wrong as well, because your initial formatting is wrong.

It only asked me to change the font type and size, but it is marking me wrong for other items like bold and small caps, which I was not asked to do.

You actually are asked to do 4 formatting tasks, but you can only see the first 2 initially.  You have to scroll down to see the others.

How can I make the paragraph spacing tight in Word?

On the Design tab, click Change Styles, click the arrow next to Paragraph Spacing, then select Tight.

Incidentally, I figured out how to do this by doing a Google search with the keywords paragraph spacing open office 2013.  Remember, even though you’re learning Office 2013, a new version of the software is always just around the corner.  It is more important that you focus on learning what is possible, like keeping track of sources in Word or adding sound to PowerPoint slides, than it is for you to memorize where everything is in the current version of Office.  Also, a great skill that will serve you now and in the future is how to search Google effectively.  The keywords you learn now for the Office products like ribbon, clipart, etc. will help you create better search phrases.

Module 1 ~ Word Section 1 and Operating Systems written assignment

In Tutorial 1.3, you are asked to delete a word.  I am using a Mac, and this is not working for me.

On a Mac, for delete in the tutorials, you will need to hold the fn key (on bottom left of keyboard) when you hit the delete key.

I think I am searching for Mind correctly, but I keep getting it wrong.

If you look carefully, the question is asking you to do a case sensitive search.  It wants you to find Mind, but not mind.  To do this, use the Advanced Find tool.  You’ll need to click More for the case sensitive option.  As an example of when you might use this, consider a paper on cats and dogs entitled Cats and Dogs.  You decide to change your title to Felines and Canines.  The problem is you mention the title of the book throughout the text and also talk about dogs and cats.  You can do a case sensitive search on the title to locate only the capitalized occurrences.

I’m not sure how to preview a document.

When you elect to print a document, it will show you a preview first.

I keep missing the question where I have to use the Navigation Pane to go to the third page.

The basic steps are as follows.

  • On the Home tab, click Find.
  • Click Pages.
  • Click the third page.

There is a question where I have to click undo, but I can’t see it on the top left where I think it should be.

It is there, but it may be hidden under a Blackboard status bar.  Try moving the Word window down a little.  To do that, click on the top of the window, hold, drag down, and let go.

I don’t know how to submit the Operating Systems assignment.

  • Go to Module 1.
  • Click #3: Assignment – Operating Systems.
  • Scroll down and look for Attach File.
  • Click Browse My Computer.
  • Look for and choose your file.
  • Click Submit.

When I try to open the SNAP skill exam, Movie Maker opens.

Be sure that before you click open, you have specified that your file be opened with the SNAP player, SnapPlayer.UI.  For details on how to do this, please see the FAQ entitled How do I get the SNAP skill exam to open?.

I have Windows 8.  When I try to open the SNAP skill exam, Word opens, and the content of the document looks like gibberish.

It sounds like the wrong application is associated with the snapxml file extension.  You want to associate the SnapPlayer.UI with files that end in snapxml (e.g. exam.snapxml).  This is akin to the way the computer knows to open Word when you open a file which ends in docx or iTunes when you open an MP3 file.

I have Office 2013, but SNAP is not working.  It tells me that some components are found to be missing.

If you have never opened Word on your computer, try opening it.  Then close it, and try opening the SNAP skill exam and performance evaluation again.  I believe that SNAP requires Office 2013 to be opened at least one time before it will work.

I can open neither the skill exams nor the performance evaluations.  Do I need Office 2013 for these?

Yes, you need Office 2013 to do the skill exams and the performance evaluations.  If you do not have it, please plan to complete those in class and/or in the computer lab (DTEC 462).

My right clicks sometimes are not recognized in the Word tutorials.

I believe that some of the tutorials do have glitches here and there.  I suggest you just skip past that step, if possible, and if not, just go on to the next tutorial.  If you fear you are missing an important skill in the tutorial, let me know, and I can teach it to you in class.  Also, if the hint is flashing, then try clicking it for a hint.  It is possible that you may be right clicking in the wrong place.

If you are on a Mac, visit this link for information on ways to simulate a right click.  I use the two finger press method.


On my Mac, the delete key does not work in the tutorials.

For the delete key on a Mac, hold down the fn key at the same time.


How can I check to see what I missed on the SNAP skill exams and performance evaluations?

Watch this video for directions on how to check your work.


Module 0 ~ Windows 7 and 8

How do I submit the practice assignment to its Blackboard dropbox?

Follow these steps.

  • Click Module 0.
  • Click #3 Assignment – Practice Assignment.
  • Scroll down and click the button labeled Browse My Computer.
  • Locate your last_first.docx file, and click it.
  • Click the Open button.
  • Scroll down and click the Submit button.

I’m not sure what I need to do for Module 0.

All of the assignments in Module 0 actually are optional.  None of them count for points.  Their purpose is to get you familiar with how this class works.  Here are the things you can try in Module 0 (button on left in Blackboard).

  • Create a Word document that contains the word Hello and submit it to the #3: Assignment – Practice Assignment drop box.
  • Participate in the #4: Discussion Board – Practice Discussion.
  • Do the Windows 7 and 8 tutorials in Module 0 in SNAP.  (Click SNAP on the left in Blackboard to gain access to SNAP.)
  • Take the #6: Orientation & Practice Exam.
  • Add a slide to the class presentation in #7: Class Presentation.

Does everything have to be posted in Microsoft 2013 for these discussions?

The discussion posts should be entered as text, not as a Word document attachment.  You can write them in Word to check grammar and word count, but then copy and paste your text into the discussion.

I see that some students are making all of their posts on the same day.  I am confused, because I thought you said we need to post on three separate days.

You are correct.  I will check to see that you have posted on three separate days.  You can post more than one item on a day.  You can respond to as many peers as you like.  In grading, I specifically will check for at least two replies to peers (three if you want to ensure the quality points) and that you made posts on at least three separate days, regardless of how many total posts you made.


Where can I get the textbook for the class?

There is no textbook.  The professors on the Dale Mabry campus got together and wrote a textbook for you.  We are committed to bringing costs down for our students and providing them with the highest quality and most current and relevant information.


How do I do a screen capture?

Here are directions for a PC and a Mac.


I am doing the tutorials, but SNAP is not giving me credit for them.

You have to go all the way to the end of the tutorial and click the Exit button to terminate the tutorial.  You click this after you get the pop up dialog box that says you have completed the tutorial successfully.   It definitely is easy to miss that last step of clicking Exit.

Getting Started

When I try to open a SNAP assignment on my laptop, Windows says it doesn’t recognize this file type.

You have to install a player on your laptop, specifically the SnapPlayer.UI.  This is akin installing iTunes, so that you can play MP3s.  If you don’t have a player like iTunes, then your computer might tell you it doesn’t recognize the MP3 file type, and hence, doesn’t know what to do with it.  Check out the FAQ (below) entitled How do I get the SNAP skill exam to open?.  I think the link to the file in the answer may be helpful, especially the part which talks about clicking Check Configuration.  This is when SNAP gets setup on your computer and the player is installed.  Also, feel free to bring your laptop to our next class meeting.  I’d be happy to try and help you get SNAP working on it.

I took this class before and already have a SNAP code.  Can I use it again?

Yes, you should be able to reuse the code, if you took the class last semester when we switched to a new version of SNAP.  Students now are learning Office 2013.

I cannot get SNAP to work on the machines in the library.

I do not believe that SNAP is set up to work on the machines in the library.  It is set up properly in the computer lab (DTEC 462).  Check the syllabus for days and times when it is open.  The only day it is not open is on Sunday.  If you have problems using SNAP in the computer lab, one of the lab techs can help you.

Why does my SNAP total points not match what I see in the gradebook in Blackboard?

SNAP always will have your most up to date grades for SNAP work.  I have to copy your total over by hand from SNAP to Blackboard.

Can I use Windows 2011 for Mac to complete all of my SNAP assignments?

I am sorry to say, no. SNAP only works with Office 2013 on a PC. You can install Parallels (or something comparable like Fusion or Boot Camp), Windows 7 or 8 (free for HCC computer students via DreamSpark), and Office 2013 for PC (free 180 day trial version comes bundled with SNAP access code from the bookstore) on your Mac.  Setting this up on your Mac will take some time and perhaps some added expense.  Be sure to back up your hard disk first.  In the meantime, or alternatively, you can plan to complete your SNAP assignments in class and
in the Computer Lab.

Do I have to use Office 2013 for this class?

You must use MS Office 2013 to do the SNAP skill exams and performance evaluations.  It is installed on the computers in the classroom and in the computer lab (DTEC 462).

For those of you wanting to work at home, please be sure to make use of the computers in the classroom and the computer lab (DTEC 462) until you get your home system set up, so that you do not get behind with your assignments.

What is the enrollment key?

You will find it listed under Module 0 and on the Home Page for the class.

I cannot get SNAP to work on my home computer.

Try the following, and in the meantime, plan to meet class deadlines by completing your work in the classroom and/or computer lab in DTEC 462.

  • Check the Student User’s Guide on the SNAP Web site.
  • Check the FAQs & User Guide PDFs on the SNAP Web site.
  • Try using Firefox or Internet Explorer when doing SNAP (not Chrome).
  • Contact SNAP technical support.
  • If it is a laptop, feel free to bring it to class.  I can’t guarantee I can get it working, but I’m happy to try.  I find it a fun challenge and a great learning experience for both of us.


How do I get the SNAP skill exam to open?


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